Cochener, Garvey, and Fink has a long, storied and prosperous history as a privately owned holding company headquartered in Kansas. Established in its original form as C&G Grain Co. in 1947, the company was founded as a partnership by Ray Garvey, his two sons, Willard and James, and his two sons-in-law, Dick Cochener and George Lincoln. The company was initially interested in agriculture and successfully built grain elevators across the Midwest.

CGF has evolved from a holding company with operational interests in multiple industries (ranging from farming and grain storage, photo processing, construction, oil and gas) to a closely held private equity firm.

Today, CGF invests with an industry defined focus. Acquisitions must demonstrate solid fundamentals, provide financial transaction expertise, employ an empowered management team and create shareholder value.

Board level oversight is provided by Donna Cochener-Metcalfe, the great granddaughter of Ray H. Garvey.